Day Three: The coyotes howl

XC_Day3 Photo

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Before the sun was up today the wind was whipping! As any seasoned cyclist knows, it can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It was hard to tell from the hotel which way things were blowing. The first half mile out didn’t bode well either as we struggled to go 9 mph without getting blow off the road. Then…..we turned! And oh, what a beautiful turn it was! For most of the morning before our feed zone, we had a pretty nice tailwind. The scenery was amazing as we wound our way out of Victorville and into the Mojave Desert. Some smoke was still lingering in the valley from some of the late forest fires they’ve had up in the mountains in that area, and we passed by a camped out group of fire fighters. After a great lunch by our mechanic Matt, we took off heading south, and unfortunately into the wind. It only lasted 15 miles or so until we turned East again and turned the afterburners on for the last 20 miles into 29 Palms. We stayed at our own “private oasis” at The 29 Palms Inn, enjoyed a great meal, and they had a small band playing by the pool. A few of us grabbed a drink and relaxed, chatting about the previous days’ rides and looked forward to the days to come. We fell asleep to a sky full of stars and coyotes howling, though only 250 miles away, it felt like we were a long ways from Santa Barbara.

-Nate Lohmeir, TT Guide

Day Two: Blueberry pancakes and headwinds.

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After loading up on omelets, walnut and blueberry pancakes at the Hyatt, we rolled out to begin day 2!! Today’s ride started out with an epic 20 mile, gradual climb out of Valencia and through Bouquet Canyon. Little known outside of local circles, this beautiful climb is loaded with flora and fauna, unique to this canyon in California. However, it’s a very delicate and dry ecosystem and is constantly threatened by the quickly developing area. It’s a great ride if you’re in the area…check it out!! Unfortunately, after all that climbing, it was only a short descent as we’d arrived on the high desert plateau of Southern California. We said goodbye to trees…well, all but the Joshua Tree, which while beautiful, are a little lacking in the shade department. The temperature started to climb and the winds picked up as the afternoon proved to be a challenging effort for everyone. After grabbing some dinner, everyone headed to bed to get rested for tomorrow’s ride.

-Nate Lohmeir, TT Guide

Day One: The Cross Country Epic

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The day is finally here and today begins the first ever Trek Travel Cross Country USA trip! It is a beautiful morning as the sun rises over the tranquil ocean in Santa Barbara. Brave, competitive or just plain crazy, 23 men and women from 28 to 64 years old coming from all walks of American life line up on the beach at the beginning of this epic journey. After a ceremonial toe dip in the Pacific, the riders get started on what will probably be one of the biggest adventures of their life.

Riders and their Trek Travel guides are in good spirits as they head out onto Pacific Coast Highway, winding their way the 75 miles to the first nights rest in Valencia. With months of training and the California coast behind them, each rider sized up their own readiness for the 3000+ miles ahead. All were cheerful and excited, but always focused on the challenge, and the horizon.

On the menu for Tuesday: 89 miles through the Mojave desert as day two of Trek Travel’s first ever Cross Country USA trip plows across the country from sea to sea!

Pre trip jitters…

Over 20 cyclists are riding quiet roads of small towns all over the country to be prepared for this unique journey across the United States. Nowhere else has there been an event quite like this that combines Trek Travel’s undivided attention to detail along with a riders desire to test their own limits. Check back often as we go for a ride to be remembered on Trek Travel’s Cross Country trip.