Congratulations from our director, Cross Country riders!

The group dipping their toes in the Atlantic

Riders crossing the finish line in Charleston

In summer of 2006 at the Tour de France I was sitting with several Trek Dealers and Trek Travel guests and we were all commenting on how each of us has always wanted to ride across the USA. Each of us said it would need to be around a month long and no one wanted to camp on their crossing. This conversation was the start of the Trek Travel Cross Country trip. It has been a major undertaking to research, plan, route and execute our inaugural trip.

I was lucky enough to be in Charleston for the finale of the Cross Country trip where I greeted 21 dedicated riders as they crossed the finish line and were welcomed by friends and family. After 34 days the Atlantic Ocean was a welcome sight. Everyone headed straight to the water, some dipped their toes others their bike tires. It was one of my proudest moments at Trek Travel. To see all the smiling faces and witness the accomplishment of these amazing people. It is something many people dream of doing but only a few are able to achieve. They have all now joined an elite group of cyclists and should be extremely proud of what they just accomplished. I personally would like to congratulate each and every one of the riders for riding 3200+ miles, in 34 days across the United States of America. It is truly a spectacular feat!

I also would like to thank the guides and massage therapists for their fabulous energy, enthusiasm and never ending support. They went above and beyond to ensure that each rider was taken care of and made it to Charleston safely!

I guess it is my turn!

Tania Worgull, President Trek Travel


One Comment on “Congratulations from our director, Cross Country riders!”

  1. Dana says:

    Dear Jerry:

    Congratulations! What an amazing journey! I am so excited for you. You will have stories to tell for years. I can hardly wait to hear them!

    I wish there had been more postings on this site. I would have loved to follow along with you!


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