Day Eight: Canadian’s attire

XC Day8

XC Day8.2

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Seligman, AZ to Grand Canyon, AZ 104.5 miles

Today’s ride started with a temperature of 37 degrees as we left the hotel for Lilo’s Westside Café in Seligman for breakfast. Everyone looked like they had everything on that they brought for the trip. Long underwear, shoe covers, leg warmers, long sleeved jerseys, cycling jackets, ear warmers and helmet covers were among the necessities keeping Jack Frost away. Of course there is always that one person who has to be different. Steve from Canada shows up with his regular warm weather attire and his rain jacket as his only means of warmth. He never complained once!

Today’s ride leaves the barren, open and desolate geography to a more interesting picturesque landscape. We rode up in altitude over 6000 feet and for once noticed real pine trees and forests on the way to the Grand Canyon. We ate lunch at Kaibab Lake Park which was beautiful little lake off the highway. Here we had access to shade under the tall pines but today everyone wanted to be in the sun to keep warm. Our tour guides made sure we had a great lunch, as they do everyday, and off to the Grand Canyon we went.

We entered the Park with the usually fanfare of pictures of the park entrance sign. The group totally forgot about checking in their rooms because of the spectacular views from the hotel lawns . The view was more than impressive then any picture could replicate. Everyone had their cameras out taking pictures of each other and with their fellow cyclists until every possible permutation was tried. That may not seem all that exciting but we were competing for space with the scores of bus loads of people that passed us along the way up to the south rim.

Today’s ride was great but the end of the ride made it all worth while. What a great reward!


6 Comments on “Day Eight: Canadian’s attire”

  1. Dana says:

    Dear Jerry:
    Love the photos! We need more of them! As I sit at my computer in the Turks and Caicos, enjoying the balmy breezes, I do not envy the temperatures, but I certainly envy the experience! The cycling probably takes away a lot of the cold! The scenery probably surpasses any concern about it!
    Please ask your chronologer to post some of the groups’ comments. I simply cannot wait until you get back before I hear your thoughts! You are 1/4 of way through! Too quick! What has been the biggest surprise? What is your most anticipated event today? How are you dealing with the rigors of the ride? Oh my gosh! There is so much I want to hear!!!
    Godspeed to all!

  2. Larry says:

    ‘Big Ring’ Larry and Kelli Oaks –
    Hi from sunny, warm Texas. Looks like you guys are having a blast – can’t wait to hear all the stories!

  3. Junior says:

    Hi Randy,

    Amazing – you’ve crossed the desert and rode around the Grand Canyon -either one would be a trip of a lifetime for most – but you’ve only just begun! Keep on riding. We’re cheering for you all. Mary

  4. Go Kelli and Larry! Hey Kelli, what is that yellow bike? Never seen it before! Larry – love the “Long Trail” Bike Jersey! Appropriate for your trip.

    Vermont Fall has been outstanding. Lot’s of sunshine and warmer temps than usual. 3 more tours and my season is over – yahoo!

    Have a great – safe ride.

  5. Joan says:

    We love reading the posts. We hope everyone is having a blast!

  6. Terry

    Greetings from sunny Mantoloking! What a ride you are having!! We are proud of you!

    S. and C.

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